DAY WATCH: What Super Power Would YOU Choose?

In honor of our upcoming film DAY WATCH -- in which characters exhibit super powers galore -- we want to know YOUR answer to the following question:

If you could have any super power, which would you choose? (Submit your answers in the comments box below.)

Searchlighters had a few thoughts of their own to share too. But first, a few things I learned about my coworkers in the process:

  • Someone among us thinks they look like Brad Pitt. ("To be able to eat whatever I want and still look like Brad Pitt.")
  • People hate traffic enough in LA & NY that they'd choose a super power specifically to avoid it.
  • Only one person wants the power to heal. (Hello, guilt-inducement.)
  • Out of all imagineable super powers, two people would choose to able to eat without gaining weight. (One described such a power as "A thousand times better than flying or superhuman strength!")
  • Is the person who wishes they could read minds just nosy?
  • And I'd be curious to know the motivation behind the two who wish they could become invisible...

With that said, out of 31 Searchlight respondents (a third of the studio), here's a quick tally of super powers they wish for that you've actually heard of:

  • "To be able to fly" - 12 votes
  • "To be able to beam/teleport/apparate to other places" - 4
  • "To be able to become invisible" - 2
  • "To be able to travel through time" - 1
  • "To be able to read minds" - 1
  • "To enjoy everlasting youth" - 1
  • "To be able to communicate with animals" - 1
  • "To have the power to heal the suffering" - 1
  • "To be able to reverse global warming and people's negative impact on the planet" - 1

...while here are their not-so-typical super power desires:

  • "Mental caller ID on blocked phone calls"
  • "To be able to transform into Searchlight President Peter Rice"
  • "To be able to transform into a unicorn"
  • "To be able to transform into the Silver Surfer"
  • "To be able to foretell a movie's box office gross"
  • "To be able to increase my email storage limit"
  • "To be able to sing or speak any foreign language fluently"
  • "To be able to renew my driver's license without setting foot in the DMV"
  • "To be able to kick people¬ís asses like in the Matrix"
  • "To wiggle my nose and do anything I wanted"
  • "To be able to get into shape sleeping and sitting on my ass"

Now it's YOUR turn! Tell us what kind of super power you wish you had in the comments box below!

And be sure to catch DAY WATCH in theaters on June 1st! (And see how well -- or badly -- those who possess super powers use them.)

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