CYRUS Makes Box Office Top Ten for 2nd Weekend In a Row! Plus, the Latest NY and LA Times Coverage

    Both the New York and LA Times recently published articles on how CYRUS and other films explore the topic of kids leaving (or not) their parents' nests - see what the two newspapers have to say. Plus, the film made the box office top ten for its second weekend in a row, and it's not even widely distributed yet!

    Indiewire: Weekend Round-Up

    "A significant expansion into the mainstream for brothers Mark and Jay Duplass - whose previous work includes ultra low budget films The Puffy Chair and Baghead - Cyrus expanded from 77 to 200 screens in its fourth weekend and managed a quite impressive gross of $1,375,000, averaging $6,875 and landing it in the overall top ten alongside films playing on 10, 20 or even 50 times the screens. The $7 million budgeted Cyrus‘s total now stands at $3,521,075 as Searchlight continues to expand it..."

    The Los Angeles Times: "Those Moving-On Movies"

    "Few rites of passage are more fraught with collective angst than the kids leaving home. Parents stare at empty bedrooms and brood over noiseless dinners. Young people discover that freedom brings unwanted responsibilities and challenges they may not be ready to handle. Relationships change.

    No blueprint sets forth how to break away... It's clearly something touching a collective nerve, especially among boomer-age parents whose children are flying the coop. So perhaps it's not a surprise that three current films - Toy Story 3, Cyrus and The Kids Are All Right - delve into the leaving-home theme just in time for summer, the traditional period of school graduations and moving on to whatever is next."

    The New York Times: They Grow Up So Quickly Don't They?

    "...As off-kilter as this predicament is, and as icky as the filmmakers [behind Cyrus] sometimes dare to be, the resolution is curiously sweet and affirmative."

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