CYRUS Makes a Splash at Sundance! Find Out What People Are Saying

    The cast (John C. Reilly, Marisa Tomei, Jonah Hill, Catherine Keener) and crew (writer-directors Jay and Mark Duplass) of CYRUS were all on hand in Park City, Utah to properly introduce their film at its Sundance premiere on Saturday. And the film - the third from the Duplass brothers (THE PUFFY CHAIR, BAGHEAD) has enjoyed excellent reviews so far! See what people are saying here.


    @AskDebruge (Peter Debruge): "CYRUS (Mark & Jay Duplass, 2010) - *** 1/2"

    @Variety: "Cyrus: Film Reviews: A hilarious Jonah Hill plays a co-dependent son unwilling to share his mother's attention."

    "There's something refreshingly universal about the situations represented here... With [Jonah Hill's] sad-sack posture and chilly glare, Cyrus looks like one of those Aardman creations whose every blink earns a chuckle. The film's semi-scripted approach may deprive the character of catchphrases, but auds won't be forgetting him anytime soon."

    Anne Thompson

    @akstanwyck: "Duplass bros score w/ cyrus"

    "An... intimate, unpredictable family drama that is believable, real and often hilarious."

    @slashfilm: "The mainstream Duplass brothers experiment was a success. Fox searchlight has a winner with Cyrus"

    "Cyrus is one of my favorite films of the festival thus far, and I’d venture to say John C Reilly’s funniest performance since Boogie Nights. It’s probably the most laughs I’ve heard in a Sundance movie in a couple years. We sat a few rows in front of Danny McBride and Jody Hill (director of Observe & Report), and I could hear both of them laughing throughout.  After the jump you can watch a video blog review which includes me (Peter Sciretta), David Chen and FirstShowing’s Brandon Tenney." 


    @indiewire: "New from iW: Duplass Brothers Score at Sundance With Bizarrely Hilarious 'Cyrus'" 

    "A bizarrely hilarious, largely improvised dark comedy.” 


    “There’s a light, effortless quality to the film... You never see any of the typical mechanics of plot. Each scene is polished, burnished by both the improvisation process during shooting and an exhaustive, precise editing schedule that they enjoyed on the film. This is a film as wise about the relationships between men and women as Albert Brooks in the ‘Modern Romance’/‘Lost In America’ phase of his career. This is a grown-up movie, and yet paralyzingly funny in places. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s not shot through with the casual misanthropic horror of a ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’”

    @TimGrierson: "Cyrus plays like a much smarter Will Ferrell comedy. Jonah Hill and Marisa Tomei are both terrific in it" 

    "Plentiful laughs and some truly poignant moments... Jonah Hill turns in a creepy, funny performance as Cyrus, while Marisa Tomei does great work in the film’s trickiest role as his mother... Some of Hill’s best film acting to date... It might initially seem as if ‘Cyrus’ represents a return to pure comedy, but this seemingly broad farce soon turns darker and more intriguing.”

    @firstshowing: "Cyrus was great. It's actually got a really charming side to it in addition to being pretty damn funny. Duplass Brothers are awesome."

    "In short, we all loved it, even Brandon, and all had great things to say. Cyrus is pretty much a knock out of the park." (Watch their video reviews below.)

    "One of the most awkward, yet thoroughly hilarious movies I’ve seen in a long while. It is a play on the classic new man vs. protective son story, done in the raw style of Duplass. In the same way that they made The Puffy Chair and Baghead very real, subtle comedic wins, they give Cyrus life through their choosing of wonderful actors. Reilly and Hill prove their talent in the individual moments that make up the greater whole. ...A race of emotional and situational manipulation. And it’s funny, because every situation is more awkward than the next.

    If this is your bag — and it certainly is mine — you’re going to be batty over this movie.

    The best we’ve seen from Jonah Hill and yet another in the long line of wonderful performances from John C. Reilly. And if we gain anything besides the obvious entertainment value at hand, it is that the progression of the Duplass Brothers as storytellers is real. And they’re moving fast in all the right directions."

    "The Duplass brothers really made a great film. They use their own unique way of filming to bring everything to life. In the Q & A, the brothers were very humbled claiming all they had to do was leave the camera rolling and let these actors do their thing. As I believe Jonah Hill and John C. Reilly has a very special gift for improv, these two deserve the credit for writing and directing this very entertaining film.

    [Hill] does a great job of mixing his comedy tactics from the Apatow team films and this dramatic acting that I had no clue he was capable of... it was a pleasant surprise of what I thought he could do. It was a great ensemble and a great story."

     @petertravers: "Sundance loves the darkly funny Cyrus."

    @joshuahorowitz: "Cyrus is a winner. Smart, sweet, and damn funny."

    @MattDentler: "Cyrus was really good, really mature but still dark, and I'm really happy for Jay and Mark!"

    @yogoldsmith (Jeff Goldsmith): "Hurrah- The Duplas Brothers do it again! Cyrus was a funny flick w/ an emotional punch. Jonah Hill, John C. Reilly & Marisa Tomei = gr8"

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