Create your own RUBY SPARKS with our magic typewriter

    We're always proud to bring our fans a new interactive site when we're about to release a new film, and today we'd like to introduce you to the new love of your life: Ms. RUBY SPARKS.

    In RUBY SPARKS, young novelist Calvin (Paul Dano), accidentally creates his perfect girlfriend out of thin air, using only his mind his trusty typewriter. While we can't promise you the physical manifestation of your most personal desires, can offer you, a new interactive site made specifically for the film. Go ahead, type out what you're looking for in life and love – maybe you want to move to L.A. to be close to the ocean, or maybe your dream date consists of a shared hamburger and a dance. Anything is possible with Ruby...

    RUBY SPARKS will be released in select theaters on July 25th. For more info, check out the movie's official site!

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