CRAZY HEART Catch-Up! Bingham On Leno, Maggie On Ellen, Bridges In American Songwriter Mag (VIDEO)

    Watch video of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Oscar winner Ryan Bingham's recent TV appearances; read an excerpt from Oscar winner Jeff Bridges's interview with American Songwriter magazine - and upload video of yourself singing the Academy Award-winning "The Weary Kind" to! Photo by Dustin Cohen/American Songwriter.

    Jeff also appeared on "Oprah" the morning after the Oscars but unfortunately we can't find any video on the Internets so far - will keep tryin' though! 

    Ryan Bingham On "The Tonight Show" (Thurs., 3/11)

    (Forward to the final dot, or 37:30, on the video's timeline to watch Ryan perform.)

    Maggie Gyllenhaal On "The Ellen Degeneres Show" (Thurs., 3/11)

    Gotta love her Madonna story...

    American Songwriter: "Creating Bad Blake & the Authentic Sounds of Crazy Heart"

    The March issue of American Songwriter features Jeff Bridges on the cover and a great article here.

    "...Cooper wasn’t so interested in making a film modeled on [Hank] Thompson. 'I thought I could fictionalize Merle’s life, Kristofferson’s, Billy Joe’s and Townes’ and put it into this one character who would be the fifth Highwayman. And I wrote it for Jeff Bridges; I tailored it for him.'

    Cooper had heard Bridges’ album and liked his music as well as his acting. 'He’s a terrific picker and a very good singer, and he physically embodied Kris and Waylon in a way, and next to Robert Duvall, he’s probably America’s greatest screen actor. If you look at Jeff’s body of work, he recedes into the roles. We don’t know much about Jeff’s private life; therefore, you believe what you see on the screen.'” Now You Can Belt Out the Oscar-Winning Tune!

    And if you haven't yet, now's your chance to record yourself crooning T Bone and Ryan's Oscar-winning theme song to CRAZY HEART, "The Weary Kind" and upload it at And see how others' renditions compare to yours!

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