Ain't It Cool News Interviews Wes & Jason

    Ain't It Cool News's "Capone" did an extensive interview with Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman of THE DARJEELING LIMITED -- both before and after a Q&A AICN moderated for an audience in Chicago's Drake Hotel.

    They touched upon a slew of topics I hadn't read Wes's or Jason's thoughts about before, so I encourage you to check it out! Below are a few excerpts, and Capone's entire post can be found here.


    Capone on how Wes and Jason play off each other:
    Capone: "They seem to be in a constant state of discovering new things about each other, even as they are discussing adventures they had while making this and other works..."

    On Wes's American Express commercial:
    Wes: "For most commercials you're just a hired guy doing your thing. You might think I did it from the way it looks or something, but that's still not something I wrote or invented... [The AMEX commercial] is something I did, I wrote, I cast my friends in it. They let me do what I wanted. But I had these parameters: it was two minutes long, and it's an American Express commercial..."

    On Wes's 13-minute short film HOTEL CHEVALIER:
    Wes: "...We have this short that does go with the film and as we continued to write the movie even after we'd shot the short, we were linking them more and more, and they were becoming more and more dependent on each other. And so it was a puzzle in the end..."

    On actor Irrfan Khan:
    Wes: "It's funny because he showed up on the set, and he didn't have much time because he works a lot. And he showed up and he was a star on the set, and I was uneasy at first. Then after the first day of work, that night, he watched THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS; he didn't know any of my work before that, but he liked that one..."

    On Wes's next film, the animated THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX:
    Wes: "Noah Baumbach and I adapted it. George Clooney is going to play Mr. Fox. We've just started working on it in England, and it's going..."

    On Jason's upcoming role in WALK HARD, a Judd Apatow comedy about the Beatles:
    Jason: "Justin Long is George Harrison, Paul Rudd is John Lennon, and Jack Black is Paul McCartney." (Jason plays Ringo Starr.)

    On their experience in one particular village:
    Wes: "So we went into this hut and sat on the floor together, and the leader, or the one who's in charge, becomes the 'opium chef' or something like that. He kind of steeped it like tea in a little leather pitcher, an opium pitcher. And then he poured it into his hand, and he told us you had to slurp it out of his hand. You could take one slurp or three slurp. I think…"
    Jason: "We all took three." (Laughter from the audience.)

    On why Jason's character doesn't wear shoes:
    Audience member: "Yeah, you could say he's a Christ figure, that he's more in touch with the earth…"

    Jason: "That's it! I'm glad you said it; we didn't want to say it. I think we got our answer from here on out."

    About their collaboration on the script:
    Wes: "...I think we all had a suspension of disbelief in the writing. We really wanted to get into it, we wanted it to be very personal, we wanted to romanticize it a bit. And we went to India together and during that trip, we kind of acted out the roles quite a lot, and that to me made it an adventure."

    Jason: "And there's also something nice about when you're just talking and thinking of things, someone else recognizes something in what you're saying, and they go 'Oh wait, something you just said, there might be something there...'"


    I purposefully omitted details from the above conversations -- so you'd go read it yourself at the source! You'll also find out about Wes's real-life brothers, how they picked music for the soundtrack, the re-release of BOTTLE ROCKET on DVD, Wes's design tastes and much more.

    Again, read the complete post on Ain't It Cool News here.

    To learn more about THE DARJEELING LIMITED, which is now playing in select theatres, click here.

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