Cousin Bette

  • 108 min
  • Comedy, Drama

Based on Honore de Balzac's timeless novel, Cousin Bette is a deliciously comic romp through the timeless territory of love and revenge. Set in 1840s France, it is rife with enough sex, scandal, money, revolution, outrageous mind games and crimes of passion to have taken place today. The story is set on the eve of the Revolution of the 1848 amidst a Paris in turmoil. Revolution isn't only afoot on the city streets. Inside the aristocratic Hulot family, a series of sexual infidelities, financial misfortunes, and manipulations of the heart is about to set off a few unforgettable fireworks. At the center of it all is Cousin Bette, the calculating spinster who takes on this world of secret treachery, passions and ambitions with a cunning sense of fair play.

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