We've all had them. They cold-called your parents, they kidnapped your dog, they NEVER wanted to take out the garbage... that's right: crazy exes. Well, now you can put all that questionable karma to good use with our BAGGAGE CLAIM contest! All you have to do to enter to win awesome BAGGAGE CLAIM swag is tweet your craziest ex-boyfriend/girlfriend story using the hashtag #ClaimYourBaggage. It's as easy as sending that one break-up text, then staying at a friend's house for a week because they wouldn't stop rolling by your house is a beat-up Impala. You can find all the info at our new BaggageClaimMovie.com web site, located here.

The first leg of our contest runs between 6/18 at noon PT to 6/27 at 11:59 PT. If you don't win this time around, don't worry, we'll be rolling out more contests as we approach BAGGAGE CLAIM's September release date. So get to tweetin', and hopefully you'll take solace in the fact that everyone (and we do mean everyone) has an incredible ex story.

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