Top Tweets: RUBY SPARKS Appreciation Edition

Happy Tuesday, 'Lighters. It's been a while since we've done one of these, so let's do a quick refresher for any new readers: we take one of our movies or an related topic (this week, RUBY SPARKS), troll the depth of Twitter for fan reactions, and post the 5 best tweets. It's that simple. And starting with @Kaliiiiiii, we're not sure if it's because we're still on an emotional high from watching the Spice Girls perform and the Olympics Closing Ceremony, but we're really feeling this particular brand of Girl Power. Wonder if her dream man you turn out as... interesting... as Ruby?


OK, we know we're biased, but this might be the first time we've heard of people literally sleeping on a movie. Guys, this is why God invented Red Bull. Let @shaneadams guide the way.


Watch out @itsbrianburns, he may not look it, but Paul Dano could totally take either one of us in a fight over his girl's affections. It's always the quiet ones.

Have we mentioned how EVERYONE is totally obsessed with Chris Messina? Oh, we have? In that case, just point @evanthropic to the back of the line...

And yes, a lot has been said about RUBY SPARKS, on Twitter and elsewhere. Although, we have to admit, no one has summed it up quite like @mychelle_17:

RUBY SPARKS is out now, nationwide. Click here to find a showtime near you! And as always you can follow our cinematic ramblings over on our Twitter page, @foxsearchlight.

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